How to add social media sharing buttons to a website

Social Media is a very powerful medium. If you’re new in blogging and want to grow your blog then Social media can help you. You can drive tons of traffic from social media without investing in Google Ads or any other advertising network. Today, in this article you will see how can you add social media sharing buttons to a website using simple Html.

First of all, let us see how a social sharing button looks like. Social sharing buttons allow users to share a post or content on different social media platforms. If your content is eye-catching and value-added, then there are chances that many visitors who land on your site may share it on their social media timeline. As a result, traffic on a website grows quickly on a short span of time.

How to add social media icons to a website

The above figure shows a social media sharing button looks like on the webpage of a website. This type of vertical structure is also called Floating buttons. This looks amazing when you add it to your site.

In a mobile site, the structure will look different. You can also see the number of post shares along with sharing button.

Add social media sharing buttons to your website by following these steps

Step1: To add such social media sharing buttons, you have to go to a website called Add This

Step2: After going to this website, you need to sign up. Upon sign up, you’ will be re-directed to the dashboard.

Step3: Now, go to the tool section and choose Floating. After selecting float, now drag and drop the buttons as your choice. And update it

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Step4: Now click on the “GET CODE” section, you will find a javascript code which you need to add to your site. To add this, go to your website and paste it into the <head></head> section of your page and click on save. That’s it. Social Sharing buttons will be displayed within a few minutes on your website.

If you’re running a WordPress website, then just go to the Appearnce->Theme Editor-> Header.php. Open this file header.php and paste the code in <head></head>sections of the file. That’s it, sharing buttons will be added up to all pages of a WordPress website.

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