3+ Mistakes That Every Amateur Blogger Make

Mistakes are an integral part of our life and Blogging is not an exception. Mistakes make us better than ever. If you’ve started blogging in 2020, then you’re prone to committing silly mistakes as Amateur Blogger.

It happens with everyone who comes to Blogging. Due to frequent updates by search engines such as Google makes it even more difficult.

I did the same mistakes in my initial days as an Amateur Blogger. Over a period of time, I learned things from people who got success in this field, I changed my strategies and fixed my mistakes.

The most common problem that every newbie’s faces is not getting results even after uploading good content.

Trust me, these mistakes delayed my outcomes for a long time. To become a successful blogger, you have to fix these mistakes that you were committing.

The more quickly you take actions to fix your mistakes, the more shortly, you expect success.

Today, in this article I will tell you the 13 mistakes that every Amateur Blogger makes when they start your blog.

The article will guide you the major mistakes that one should avoid as an Amateur Blogger.

1. Using Free Domain Name

Using the free domain is one of the pre-dominant mistakes that every new blogger do. A free domain has limited features.

If you start your blog with Blogger then the free domain will look like a sub-domain. It impacts search results on search engines. For example example.blogspot.com.

Search Engine always prefers custom domain than sub-domain. on the other hand, a custom domain gives your blog a professional look, increases visibility on search engines, and gives freedom to deal with your blog.

Most importantly, if you are planning to make money from your blog then probably free domain name is the biggest mistake.

Even I did the same, I started with a free domain(.blogspot)in 2017, after working for several months, I found zero outcomes.

While I changed my domain name into a custom domain, I saw a change in the visibility of my blog.

If you’re committing the same mistake, then I would suggest you purchase a custom domain name for your blog.

If you don’t know where to purchase a custom domain name, then you can visit Namecheap and GoDaddy to purchase a custom domain name for your blog.

2. Blog Design

The second most important thing is Blog Design that Amateur bloggers don’t count while they start a fresh blog.

When a visitor lands on a website/blog, he always notices your design. A professional design keeps the visitor engaged with your blog.

To drive more traffic to a blog, your blog needs to have a good user experience(UX) with User Interface(UI).

Many times, we installed free themes that are either too fancy or too dull. No doubt, a fancy theme looks beautiful but often it fails to fulfill the user-experience and confuse your visitors.

Remember, a professional theme provides a good user experience along with its look.

Hence, I would recommend you always go with premium themes. A premium theme is SEO optimized, contains the latest updates, free technical support, and ultimate user-experience.

Often Amateur Blogger do a common mistake. They change themes frequently. It leaves a -ve impact on the visitors.

Always choose a color code for your blog and use it everywhere in your blog. It makes your blog an identity rather than a normal blog.

3. Choosing cheap Hosting

Hosting plays a vital role in the success of blogging. A fast loaded server, high uptime, quick customer support and, security are always recommended for a blog.

Often newbie chooses cheap hosting that claims the same features at low cost, but later they fail to deliver. As a result, blogs don’t rank and takes long time to deliver the required result.

Are you doing the same mistakes as an Amateur Blogger?

If so, then you are doing a big mistake. Now you might think, my site is running smooth, then why should I even think of premium hosting? right!

Well, I will tell you the negative impacts of cheap hosting on your blog.

  • Speed
  • Uptime
  • Customer Support
  • Security
  • Server Location

These are the major factors that leave a negative impact on your blog if you choose cheap hosting.

To avoid this mistake, I would recommend you to invest some money and upgrade your hosting to premium hosting. It will help you rank quicker and reward you back in a short period of time.

So which hosting should you go with as an Amateur Blogger? 

If you ask me the same question, then I would suggest you go with GreenGeeks. It is a premium hosting that has the fastest loading speed, high uptime, quick technical support.

4. Copied Contents

A major problem that new bloggers always face. Writing unique content is the primary ranking factor, but the majority of new bloggers make these mistakes.

Often, they try to copy content from famous blogs, and with little modifications, they publish it into their blog. This is called plagiarism. Generally, Google permits up to 10% plagiarism. If it exceeds more than 10%, that means you are actually killing SEO.

Nowadays, Google’s algorithm is smart enough to track these shit things. Once you tracked, Google will automatically down your ranking and it will be difficult to rank back.

The tricks used to work 4/5 years back. In 2021, if you follow this trick, it will let your blog down completely.

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