Best Free SEO Tools in 2020: Rank your blog #1 on Google

Are you looking for Best Free SEO tools for your blog? Well, if you’re struggling with keyword research or link building or traffic then this article is for you.

Our best free SEO tools will guide you to fix all the SEO related issues in few steps. In the market, there are a number of paid tools available, but for a new blogger, it’s difficult to go for a premium plan.

Generally paid tools provide all the SEO features compare to free tools, but today I will tell you some free SEO tools that give the same features as given by premium tools.

So, let’s start

SEO takes too much time to do manually, and if you make a large part of your SEO work unauthorized, you don’t need to break the bank to do it.

Now, before I dive into the main topics, I have zeroed down these tools into three categories. These are:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Link Building
  3. Technical SEO

So the tools would fit into one of those three categories. So let’s start with keyword research first.

Free SEO tools for Keyword Research

1. FAQ Fox:

The first tool that I am going to discuss is FAQ Fox. Most people find difficulty in finding the right keyword. See, when a person is searching on Google, they are not searching just because they want some entertainment.

Sure, it happens sometimes, but a large part of searches happen because people are looking for solutions to their problems.

When someone is looking for a new phone, chances are they will not be satisfied with their old phone. Or When someone searches a maths equation, chances are they don’t know the solution, therefore, they are looking the right answer of it.

FAQ Fox provides/finds Questions that people want to be answered based on the specific site you want information from. You can find questions on popular sites like Reddit, Quora, Yahoo! Answer, or another site in your industry.

2. UberSuggest

Another tool that I have for you is Ubersuggest Keyword Ideas. Ubersuggest recently expanded its database from being a simple keyword tool, where it has its basic terms, to marketing terms such as seed words, now with over 1.2 million suggestions per keyword. In other words, it now has many questions with long tails.

It also has comparative keywords, question-based keywords, offers, all of these will help you find the right keywords that people are typing that will help you get more leads and more sales. My favorite feature withinthe Keyword Ideas Report is Comparison Report and the reason is that you are comparing-based all keywords.

Usually, when someone is for a comparison-based keyword such as “Mailchimp vs ConvertKit”, they already determine where they are going to make the purchase. The question is, what solution are they going to create?

Now, with Ubersuggest, it shows you search volume, paid difficulty, organic difficulty and even it gives you all the other sites, as well as how many backlinks they have, as well as social shares. .

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Free SEO tools for Link Building

1. Mozbar

The second category of tools I have for you is related to link building. One of my favorite tools is Mozbar. When it comes to backlinking, getting these from high-quality sites will be better for you than getting average links from low-quality sites.

So the more authority these sites have, and the more relevant they are, and when they link to you, the better it’s going to be. If the plumber is attached to you, let us tell. See with Mozaber, whenever you visit a website, it tells you their domain authority and their page authority.

It’s great to know which sites you should focus on when you get into your link building. Which sites you need to ignore because it does not inform the time and effort.

2. Ubersuggest

The next tool you have is Uluguggest’s Backlinks. This is another great tool! All you have to do is go to Ubersuggest, type in the URL, click the backlinks button in the left navigation. When you do this, you will see a backlinks report.

This will tell you the domain score of the site. It will also tell you the rights to all the URLs that link to that site. It shows you the anchor text, the link growth over time, how many new links are getting on each and every single, and how many links are being lost each and every day.

You will also see anchor text. You will also see things like how many followers a website has, versus not following. When these links first came to the site when they were linked out. You will see when the link is lost, the exact date. In other words, it will tell you about everything from which you need to find the right hit list to make more links.

Now, I mainly use the bibusugest backlink report to be typed in my competitor URL, looking at which pages on their site are popular, what links are getting the most, and I usually start from there I do because then I can create content that is accessible to all those people, and ask them to link back to my website.

Free SEO tools for Technical SEO

1. Panguin Tool

The third type of tool is related to technical SEO. So let’s start with the Penguin tool. Did you know that Google updates about nine a day? This is 3,285 updates in just one year. How can you continue all those updates? Well, the answer is, Panguin tool.

I know it’s a funny name, they’re taking penguins and pandas and mixing it together, but this tool will tell you when you’re going to get hit by an algorithm, and your traffic goes down or up , What an update it was. So that you can give ideas on how you can recover.

It’s a great tool that a lot of people like to start with, “Huh, my traffic went down, it went up, what’s wrong?” Ok, you can go and just read all the articles around the web, which takes a lot of time, and try to fix whatever is going on or you can use this tool. And it’s free.

2. Structure Data Markup Helper

The next tool I have for you is Structured Data Markup Helper. See, if you want to maximize your voice traffic, then more than 50% of searches are now voice-based, this will help.

If you want things like rich snippets, if you want those star ratings, then you need structure markup. Using this tool will help you get there so that you can increase click-through rates and your overall traffic, as well as optimize your site for a mobile experience.

3. SEO Analyzer

The last tool I have for you is the SEO Analyzer. Now, this is also another feature within Ubersuggest. You can type in URL, site audit report in the left-hand navigation. This gives you a complete report of all your pages, your load time, what your errors are, what recommendations you need to fix first to maximize your traffic.

Even its greatest effect is broken, and which is the easiest to implement. It scans every single page on your website, and the beauty of it is, it scans all your pages every single week, so each week you get an updated email on new errors, and new things that you Need to fix.

And when you fix errors, it monitors that too, and it shows when you have to do what you need to do to maximize your traffic, or below or to maximize your traffic.

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