Free Keyword Research Tool 2020: Check Your Website Performance

Are you looking for free Keyword Research tool? If so, then this article is for you.

Keyword Research is very crucial in blogging, A right keyword can bring millions of traffic to your site. If you are running a website, and struggling to drive traffic, then you are on the right page on the internet.

There are many keyword Research Tool available in the market, but maximum of these provides services in premium plan.

Do you want more targeted traffic to your website, blog, or eCommerce store? If so, you need to master keyword research. Here, I’m going to tell you how to conduct keyword research with an amazing free tool.

How to do keyword research

when it comes to keyword research, you want to remember that you don’t want to create your content first and then find a keyword. You want to do the opposite. You need to find your keyword first, and then create content around that.

When you use this strategy, you’re going to massively increase your chances of actually ranking on the first page of Google and getting an influx of traffic to your website. So how do we do it? Well, let’s dive into the main topic.

Free Keyword Research Tool: UberSuggest

So the first thing we’re going to do is use a tool called Uber suggest. So what this site does is it allows us to enter a topic that we’re considering writing content about, and then it’s going to give us a list of keywords that we could potentially use.

Ubersuggest Free Keyword Tool

Uber Suggest is one of the best free Keyword Research Tool available in the market. This is owned by famous Digital Marketer & Entrepreneur Neil Patel.

So say, for example, you wanted to write a blog post about Halloween costumes, you’d come to Ubersuggest write in Halloween costumes. So I’m going to try and keep things simple today.

There’s a lot of data within Ubersuggest that you can explore on your own time. But today we’re sticking to keyword research and finding keyword ideas. So now that I’ve put in Halloween costumes, the first thing you can see here is the monthly search volume.

So for this particular keyword, it’s 823,000, which is actually quite huge. Um, and I’ll sort of getting to that later in the tutorial.

But if your website is new or you’re not currently ranking for much content, trying to rank for a keyword that has 823,000 monthly searches is going to be extremely difficult. So, um, that actually brings me to this next section here, which is the SEO difficulty, which is ranked at 77. So the higher the number is to 100, the more difficult it will be to rank for this keyword.

So just something to think about. Um, but the real power of Ubersuggest is lower on the page here. So in this section, Ubersuggest gives us more keywords that are related to what we typed in.

So I’m actually going to go ahead and click this view all keywords ideas and it’s going to open up another page. So again, on this page, we can see a whole lot of different keywords.

So we’ve got Halloween costumes for kids, Halloween costume ideas, Halloween costumes women. So again, when you’re looking at these keywords you want to consider, can I write a blog post about this topic?

So remember as I said earlier, it’s really important that we choose the keyword first and then we write our content afterward. So this is going to help you decide what your blog post or whatever piece of content you’re making is actually going to be about.

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So again, we want to pay attention to the SD column here, which is the SEO difficulty column. And like I said, the closer the number is to 100, the more difficult it will be to rank for. So right now everything is quite high in search volume.

And the difficulty is quite high as well. So what I would suggest is scrolling down a lot further until you see something like this. So this one with the green SEO difficulties, obviously jumping out at me.

Um, and this one is Halloween costumes last minute. So if you think that you could write a blogpost about last-minute Halloween costume ideas, then this might be a good idea.

So the search volume is just under 50,000per month. And again, as I said, the SEO difficulty is quite achievable compared to all the other keywords with the same search volume.

what I do when I find a keyword that I’m interested in, I actually go over to a Google spreadsheet and I’ll type the keyword in. So it was Halloween costumes last minute and the monthly search volume was 49,500 and SEO difficulty was 27.

So then I’d go back to Ubersuggest and keep continuing that way, trying to find more potential keywords. So again, I’m going to keep scrolling until see more green.

So this one says Halloween costumes HeidiKlume, very specific blog post, probably not going to write one on that. However, if you did, the search volume is high, and the SEO difficulty is low. So could potentially be a blog post that you could actually rank for and receive a big influx in traffic. So again, you’re just going to keep writing these in as you find them.

Once you’ve exhausted this list of keywords, what you’re going to do is see all of your keywords side by side in the Excel sheet and choose which keyword do you think that you can most likely rank for. Ideally, the best keyword is going to be the one that has the highest search volume, but the lowest SEO difficulty.

Then if we want to take things a step deeper, we can go ahead and click on one of the keywords that we’re interested in and it’s going to open up this extra information on the right-hand side. So what we can see here are the exact URLs that are ranking for this keyword right now.

So we can see that the very first URL is and you can also see how many visits they’re getting per month estimated and how many backlinks they have, their domain score, and their social shares.

So you don’t need to worry about this stuff too much. But what I do suggest doing on this page is actually opening up some of these links by using this button right here, so that you can actually see the blog post and ask yourself if you can write better content or can you make it more unique or can you make it more detailed.

If you want to outrank other people on Google, you’re going to have to create better content. So it’s really important that we look at what we’re actually competing with and make a decision on whether or not we could actually outrank them based on quality. Another thing to just briefly look at is the DS or the domain score column.

What this number represents is a domain authority within Google. So as you can see, party city has a domain score of 77, has a domain score of 90 so if your domain is newer or you don’t have that much content, your domain score is likely to be quite a bit lower, which means if all of the websites on the front page of Google all have a domain score of like 90plus, then it may be difficult for you to rank for.

So you want to just take note of that. But again, as we can see here, number nine actually only has a domain score of 41 and beneath it are a bunch of domains with much higher domain scores.

There’s certainly algorithms involved here. So again, something to look at but don’t get too caught up on it. What we really want to focus on is the search volume and the SEO difficulty. So like I said, Uber suggests has a ton of different data within it.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. So definitely go ahead poke around on your own. But I will show you one more thing because I know a few of you are probably asking me, well what is my domain score? And that is a fair question.

So to find out what your domain score is, you’re going to go to this overview button underneath the person icon and then you can go ahead and type in your domain.

So again, a lot of data comes up, but we can see here that my domain score happens to be 70 so for me that means that I can look at my keywords and actually see where my domain ranks amongst everything else. So that’s going to give me a better idea if I can or can’t rank for that keyword.

Again, as I said, there are so many variables that go into this, so I don’t want you to get too hung up on your domain score, especially if your website’s new, it’s definitely going to be lower than 70 so again, this is data that’s interesting to look at and all of it is important.

But remember, by creating more quality content, updating your site regularly and targeting specific keywords is all going to go into increasing your domain score and improving your chances of ranking on the first page of Google.

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