How to approve Google AdSense Account: 10 simple tricks

Well, Approve Google AdSense Account is a big headache for all new bloggers as initially, it is the only source of generating revenue for any site. Adsense Approval early for any blogger gives a boost to the confidence level.

Many people quit after sometime when they see that blogging is not giving any return output. Hence they lose the intent and don’t give enough time.

Due to the rise in competition in the digital world, Google also changes the rules and policies. As a result, it becomes more difficult to get AdSense approval than comparing to a few years back.

10 years ago, it was so easy to approve any Google AdSense Account by just writing a few articles. But due to the latest Google algorithm Google Panda that prefers fresh and relevant content to rank any site

Today, In this article I will tell you how can you get Google AdSense approval as quickly as possible. However, Google never shows or displays the exact reason behind not approving a site for Adsense. You have to follow the strict guidelines of Google Adsense before approving your site.

There are some basic guidelines that I feel Google counts to approve a blogging site for its AdSense.

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10 Simple tricks to Approve Google AdSense Account for new bloggers

  1. No of articles: The blog must contain a minimum of 15-20 articles with enough content. Sometimes less than 20 article site also gets approved. But overall if your site has 20 articles, it is fit for Adsense.
  2. Contents: Google Prefers more depth content. Here depth content specifies that the topics should be explained thoroughly. Each and every topic related to the keywords should be discussed so that the user should not feel to go to another website. On average, Google Prefers 2200 words per article to rank on its first page.
  3. Custom Domain: Buy a custom domain like .com or .in or .net. Any low-level domain like .in.xy or .abc doesn’t have enough domain authority. Hence always go for top-level domains.
  4. Structure of the website: Always make your website professionally. If the website structure is not well, then Google rejects approval. Hence, if you are not a professional designer then hire a web designer who will design your site professionally. Google prefers a website that has a systematic Top-menu, Main-menu, and footer-menu.
  5. Pages: Your website must contain a few pages. These pages are About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Terms & Condition, Sitemap. If your site is missing any of these pages, it will be not approved by Google
  6. Sitemap: The website should have a sitemap that must be uploaded in the Google webmaster tool. Without a sitemap, Google fails to understand your site for indexing.
  7. Plagiarism Check: Always check the plagiarism of your site before applying for Google Adsense approval. Google doesn’t prefer duplicate contents and hence always checks the plagiarism. Plagiarism of 3-5% is acceptable. Although it is recommended that always upload contents that have 0% plagiarism.
  8. Copyright Images: Make sure that your site has no copyright images. If any site contains a copyright issue, then Google doesn’t approve this site for the AdSense program. You can check here to get a free image downloading site.
  9. SSL Certificate: Always buy an SSL certificate for your site. It indicates that the site is secure for browsing. Many users bounce back when they see that the site is not secure, so always purchase an SSL certificate for your website. It will help you to keep the trust of your visitors. Nowadays many hosting companies provide it free.
  10. That’s all guys if you complete these tricks then you are ready to apply for Google Adsense. Within 2/3 days, Google generally replies back to your registered mail.

Conclusion :

At this moment, due to COVID 19 outbreak, the whole world is in lockdown. Hence corporate offices are closed. So, with less employees, it might take some time to reply back if you are applying during this time.

Keep patience, Google never disappoints anyone.

I hope this article will help you to get Approve Google AdSense Account easily. If you think, it is helpful then share it with your friends, family.

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