How to do SEO for a single-page website?

SEO is an important factor to drive traffic on a website. Any website with optimized contents and images will drive more traffic than any other website which is less optimized and less content. Hence a website that contains more web pages has a higher chance of ranking as compared to a single-page website. Here I will tell you how to do SEO for a single-page website

Hence to drive traffic for a single page website, you need to optimize content in such a way that search engines can scan it easily which in turn helps in ranking.

Some of the steps that I follow to do SEO for a single page are as follows:

1. Optimize each and every section of the web page:

A single-page website generally contains few sections which might contain text or images or videos. So, optimizing the contents of each section is necessary to improve its ranking. The text should contain the targeted keywords which should not be more than 5%.

Some people often made these mistakes, people use more often keywords in fewer contents, As a result, SEO score gets decrease.

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2. Use subheading in each section:

Using heading and sub-heading allows the user to understand any piece of content easily. It basically attracts the visitors to read your content. Hence, it is always recommended that use all kinds of heading tags in your content.

There are six kinds of heading tag are there. They are h1,h2,h3……h6. You can add keywords to all these subheadings. Adding keywords to heading allow the search engine to read your content easily.

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3. Make sure that you use the main keywords in the URL.

Since in a one-page SEO, you don’t have the option to use the keyword other than a domain name, hence choose the domain which is your main keyword. For example, you are running a digital marketing company and your website is a single page, then you can’t add any keyword to your URL.

In such cases, you can go for a domain name that contains your target keyword name. Say for example This will allow the search engine to read your website more easily than any other website which has a single page and no keyword.

4. Update your content at regular intervals.

Adding contents on regular interval allow the search engines to scan your website more often than other sites which contain outdated contents. Add an image, videoes, and main keywords to your updated contents which help in improving the SEO of your web page.

5. Use Google Search Console/Google Webmaster Tool:

Google provides a free tool Google webmaster tool to all the website owners to analyze and detect the error of their sites. You can add your site to the webmaster tool and find what are the keywords on which your website is ranking.

Among the keywords, find the keywords which have the highest impression rate but lowest click rate. Then add contents using these keywords. This will surely help in improving SEO.

Apart from these techniques, you can check the speed of your web-page. If it’s loading time is more, remember you need more optimization of images and contents. Always try to avoid unnecessary codes on your page.

So guys, these are the techniques that I follow to do SEO of my single-page website

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