How to get more likes on Instagram 2020

Today we’re going to be talking about how to get more likes on Instagram. So this is a question that I get asked all of the time. Basically, every single day everyone wants to get more engagement and specifically how to get more likes on their photos.

Okay, I know that it sucks when you upload a photo that you really liked, but you only ended up getting a few likes or it gets less than the photo you posted before. So in this article, I’m going to share with you six different tips that you can implement today to get more likes on your Instagram posts. So let’s just dive right into it.

Tip number one is using the right hashtags. So I know you’ve heard about hashtags before, and you’ve probably heard me talk about it, but the reason why it comes up so often is that hashtags are so vital to your Instagram strategy.

Hashtags make all the difference in whether your posts gets seen by a thousand people or 10 people. K, So you really need to make sure that you have your hashtag strategy figured out.

So when it comes to hashtags, my primary tips are you want to use 30 on every single one of your posts. Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s spammy to use 30 hashtags. It’s absolutely not.

And it’s the best way to get the most exposure on your posts. So use 30 to make sure they’re descriptive of your account as a whole and not necessarily just the image at hand.

So for example, if you’re posting a picture of you on the beach, you still want to hashtag that your account is about, you know, lifestyle blogging or it’s about Instagram tips or whatever it is that your account is about as a whole.

And you don’t want to be hashtagging hashtag each or hashtag Palm tree or something like that. Because if you want to attract people who are potentially going to buy or invest in whatever it is that you’re selling, then they have to be the right people.

So if they end up on your feed because they followed hashtag Palm tree and now you’re trying to sell them a coaching package, there’s misalignment there.

So make sure that your hashtags describe your account as a whole. The last thing is you need to avoid superpopular hashtags. So for example, if a hashtag has like 10 million posts associated with it, it’s way too large.

It’s super popular, photos are being added to it basically every second. So that means that your photo is just going to get buried and nobody’s going to see it.

So you want to make sure that you stay underneath that 1 million Mark. And I personally like the 500,000 Mark is kind of my cat, but it’s totally up to you.

Definitely do some trial and error and find out what works for you. But as a blanket statement, you’re going to want to avoid those super, super-popular hashtags.

Tip number two is to write engaging captions. K your image is what’s going to get someone to stop. So you need to have high-quality images, but your caption is what’s going to get somebody to actually engage with you and leave that like, so to get that like and get that connection through your caption. You want to make sure that you’re relating to your audience so you want to write specifically for them. So maybe that means you’re going to share a story that they might relate to.

Maybe you’re going to share a vulnerable statement about yourself. Maybe you’re just going to tell them you know what was happening in your life when you uploaded this photo like just be personal. Infuse yourself a little bit more into your captions and that’s what’s going to create a bond and a relationship between you and your audience. And that’s what’s going to get more likes on your Instagram posts.

Tip number three is to use a call to action. Okay. Again, a very simple tip, but something that a lot of people miss every time that you upload a post is an opportunity for you to ask your audience for something.

Okay? So generally you see a call to action that’slike click the link in my bio to learn more or comment below if you’ve had this experience. So those are great examples of calls to action and if you want to get more likes on your posts, all you have to do is ask for it.

Okay? So you can simply say, if you agree with this then leave a like or something like that. So it’s really that simple. And you know what? I’m going to do the same thing here.

If you’re enjoying this article or you’re enjoying any of the other content that I’ve uploaded to YouTube, please hit the thumbs up button below because it helps me determine what it is that you guys like and what you want to see more of. Okay? So thank you so much for that. I appreciate it.

And now we’re onto tip number four, which is tagging relevant accounts in your posts. So what I mean by that is that when you are scrolling through your Instagram feed and you actually tap on an image.

If someone has tagged accounts in their photo, you will see them there, and then you can actually click through to them and go over to those people’s accounts.

So the idea here is that if you tag relevant accounts in your content, not only will they get a notification that they’ve been tagged and potentially come over to your feed and give you some more engagement, but you’ll also show up in their tagged photos section on their profile.

Okay. So if someone lands on their profile and they check out their tagged photos, potentially that’s going to lead them to your content, which in turn is going to hopefully bring you more engagement.

Okay. So just one tip around that is that you need to make sure that you’re only tagging relevant accounts that actually appear in your photo.

for example, I could tag the shirt thatI’m wearing, I could tag the headphones that I’m using, I could tag the photographer that took my photo, or I could tag my friend.

That’s in the photo with me. Okay. So you want to make sure that you’re not just tagging haphazardly because if you tag a bunch of people that don’t actually have anything to do with your posts cause you’re just hoping that they’re going to engage with you, that can actually have the opposite effect and it can be seen as spammy. Okay?

So limit your tags to people and things and brands that are actually in your photo or feature accounts that your content is relevant for. Okay.

Tip number five hosts a giveaway. So when you host to give away on your Instagram account, you get to set the rules. So you could easily set up a giveaway that you’re going to give away.

Maybe something that you offer or something that you’ve bought for your audience. And part of the qualifications for entering is to like your photo, maybe follow you and maybe tag a friend or something like that.

Basically, this is your opportunity to ask for exactly what you want in exchange for the giveaway item. Okay? So if you want to get more likes, all you have to do is say that that’s a qualification.

If you want to get more followers, say that that’s a qualification, et cetera. You get the point. So if you want to learn more about how to host an Epic giveaway that super successful, just click the card above and you can watch my Instagram giveaway tutorial.

And the last tip, tip number six is engaged every single day. If you want to get more likes and comments and follow on your feed, then you need to be giving the exact same thing back.

I think a lot of people forget that social media is about being social, okay? You can’t just post your image and then run and then complain later that you didn’t get as many likes that you wanted.

Okay? You need to go on the app every single day and actually give likes and give comments to your target market. So again, this isn’t just going on Instagram and liking a hundred random photos.

You want to make sure that you’re liking the photos of your target market. And the reason for that is that when you give engagement to the person that you think is going to benefit the most from your feed when they see that notification and they come back over to your account, your content is going to speak to them. And that’s what really seals the deal.

That’s what gets them to follow you and that what gets them to like and comment regularly. Okay, so you guys have probably heard me talk about the target market a lot because it’s really important not just for Instagram but for your entire business. Knowing who you’re marketing to is what’s going to make or break all of your efforts, right? So if you need help determining who your target market is and potentially some other Instagram strategy, then you may be interested in my course infamous to influential.

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The entire first module is all about teaching you how to figure out who your target market is, how to locate them on Instagram, and eventually how to get them over to your feed and following you. So if you’re interested in that course, itis linked in the description box below. So that is it for today guys.

That was six tips on how to get more likes on Instagram, but I actually do have even more for you. So I wrote a blog post that is on the exact same topic, but I included 15 tips.


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