How to Grow Instagram Followers 2020: Don’t Make these mistakes

Growing Instagram Followers is a big headache among newbie because of its growing popularity. Every Insta users want to grow the following base, but most of the time we rush the process, make mistakes, and get banned by Instagram.

In this article, I will tell you some secrets of how to grow Instagram Followers in 2020 without making these mistakes. These tips are equally applicable whether you’re a new or mid-level influencer.

It’s called 10 Instagram secrets that experts don’t want you to know. And you’re going to be shocked by what I share with you. In today’s article, I’m talking about 12 common mistakes that people make during initial followers’ growth.

I see people making that’s really hurting their growth and success on the platform. And the chances are good.

You may be making some of these mistakes, but that’s okay. What matters is that you don’t stop learning. You keep your learning spirit that will ultimately bring success. So let’s jump into our main topics.

I have breakdown 12 mistakes that actually hurting your growth on Instagram. Let’s see what are these common mistakes one by one:

1. Instagram User_name

How to Grow Instagram Followers

Number one you have a hard to remember, understand, or read username. First impressions are made extremely quickly on Instagram and your username plays a big role in this.

If someone sees your account and your username is purple flowers, six, seven, eight, they’re going to think you’re unprofessional and potentially quite young.

If you’ve got underscores periods or random letters, it all goes against you. Instead use a clear, easy to read username for best results.

2. Complete Bio

How to Grow Instagram Followers

Number two, your profile is incomplete. If you aren’t using all 150 characters in your bio, you haven’t fleshed it out enough.

This is your chance to tell people exactly what you or your brand is all about and what they can expect from your account. This should also include a call to action for the link in your bio, which brings me to.

3. Link/Call to Action in Bio

How to Grow Instagram Followers

number three, not fully utilizing the link in your bio. If you’re not linking to anything, you need to fix that ASAP. If you’re linking to the homepage of your website, you’re on the right track, but you can optimize this so much more.

Ideally, you want to send your audience directly to a page that provides more value or information that is useful to them to learn more about this idea and which third-party apps to use to really get the most out of your link. Watch this video.

4. Frequent Posts:

Number four, posting too much posting a lotis one of those things that new Instagrammers think they have to do to be successful, but it’s just not true and only makes things more stressful for you.

One to three posts per week is more than enough assuming they are high quality. Your Instagram feed should be a highlight reel of all your best content, not mediocre content that just takes up space.

5. Relevant Content to your Niche

Number five, sharing irrelevant content. This goes hand in hand with the last mistake. If you’re sharing content that doesn’t relate to the focus or topic of your account, you’re wasting your time and energy.

When someone decides to follow you, it’s fora very specific reason. For example, if I follow you because I want to learn about nutrition, I’m going to be disappointed and maybe even annoyed.

If you start posting about travel hacks, give people what they signed up for. And not only will you gain more followers, but you also won’t lose any followers along the way.

6. Value added contents to audience

Number six, not providing value. If you’re posting something that satisfies you but doesn’t actually provide any value to your audience. They’re probably going to get bored.

Now value doesn’t mean you need to post some long drawn out the tutorial, but rather something that provides the following education, entertainment, or emotion.

If your content and caption can satisfy any one of those things, you’re good. If not, Not don’t post it seven Using calls to action. If you’re not asking your audience to do something, you’re making a big mistake.

You can start with the basics by asking people to leave a comment like a photo tag, a friend, et cetera, or you can get more intentional and tell people to click the link in your bio, to learn about XYZ, to read your latest blog posts or sign up for your free offer.

Every time you post is an opportunity to get your audience one step closer to becoming a customer. So don’t skip it.

8. Right Hashtags in posts

Number eight, not using hashtags properly. Hashtags are a huge conversation in themselves. And I have an article dedicated to the topic here. So I highly suggest you check it out.

If you’re not using hashtags properly or worse, not at all. You are missing out on a massive amount of reach engagement and new followers.

Don’t be one of those people who hinder their own success because they think hashtags are spammy.

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9. Engage with your Audience

Number nine, not engaging with others. Social media is supposed to be social. If you come on Instagram, post your photo and then get upset a few hours later with your lack of engagement, you need to check yourself.

You should be setting aside time every day to engage with your target market on Instagram. If you want more likes and comments, you need to give them out to, but do it strategically.

Don’t waste your time. Commenting on accounts with millions of followers. Instead, find people that fall into your unique target market and give them some genuine engagement. You’ll be surprised how much the small effort can pay off in the long run.

10. Spam DMs

Number 10, sending spammy DMS. I’m not sure who’s telling people to do this, but if I follow you, that’s not permission for you to DM me selling your product or service instead of damning new followers, pushing your product on them, address them by name.

That shows that you actually went to their profile and made an effort to learn something about them. So thanks for following and that you love something about their feed.

Then leave it at that. This leaves the door wide open for them to come back and continue the conversation from here. If it naturally leads to talking about your business and offerings, that’s great.

You’re much more likely to make a sale by taking this strategic approach rather than spraying and praying with spammy, DMS.

11. Respond to comments

Number 11, not responding to comments, guys, if you want more engagement, respond to your goddamn comments. There’s no excuse for ignoring someone who went out of their way to comment on your content.

12. No patience

And finally, number 12, having no patience. If you expect to gain a hundred K followers in three months, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Those who have patients can appreciate every small milestone. Not only will this make you a more self-aware and humble entrepreneur, it often leads to faster growth when you don’t spend every waking hour focusing on how many followers you’ve gained or lost. Wooh Okay.

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