How to rank a website on Google 2020: step by step guide

People starting a new career in blogging always have difficulty ranking in search engines. Sometimes they spend dollars and dollars to rank a website on Google’s first page. But they miss a lot of free tools due to lack of knowledge and research. These free tools are almost the same as the paid tools.

In the initial phase, anyone can use these free tools, later when your blog starts driving traffic, you can shift to paid tools.

Today, I am going to tell you the most important SEO tools which are available on the Internet for free. You can research your keywords, identify your competitors, competitors’ backlinks, and content ideas. I am sure that if you can use these tools properly, you can get the same results as the paid equipment.

Now we discuss these devices one by one:

Tool 1: Google Search Console

rank a website on Google

Google Search Console is one of the tracking tools provided by Google to analyze the performance of a website. The tool is completely free and allows the website owner to track all the issues related to the website.

It can only be accessed by the website owner.

The tool has various features such as whether you can check if your post has got space, website performance, speed, coverage, and mobile usability.

How can I register in Google Search Console

To register in Google Search Console, just click here. Register all the information and enter the URL of your website, it will generate a code that you will need to pass on your site.

After generating the code, copy it and paste it on the header of your site. Header means <head> code </head>

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Tool 2: Structured Data Markup Helper

By the way, everyone wants to see their website on Google search results, Google shows different results depending on the type of site if you know how the Google algorithm actually works. For example, the snippet site for an e-commerce site is different than an ordinary image site.

To know more, you can watch Neil Patel video of how to rank a website on Google.

Tool 3 Google Trends

Google Trends is also an amazing tool that helps research your keywords. This gives 2/3 years of aggregate data on a particular keyword.

It also allows to detect the most trending search at the Internet location.

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Tool 4. Uber Suggest:

Uber Suggest is probably one of the most used free tools owned by Neil Patel, a tool that gives complete SEO features that one needs. I personally use this tool and I get results as well. It performs a complete analysis of your competitor keywords along with backlinks.

Ubersuggest’s undercurrent looks like this:

From above, we can see that when someone enters a particular keyword with a country, it returns information. In the left part of the menu, you can see that various features are shown. When you click Overview, you will find the page shown above.

After that, you can see the keyword idea option, when you click on this option you will be redirected to all related keywords as well as their search volume.

Then you can find the option of Content Idea. This option actually gives all posts that are ranking on the first page of Google, that you can get an idea of ​​how to write the content of your post.
There are lots of options, just click on each option one by one, you will get all the SEO related information.

Tool 5: Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is a powerful tool to analyze your site, this tool provides many features such as visitor statistics geographically, bais on interest, by gender, device-wise and many more, It gives you a complete data that can help you to understand your audience. Altogether this is a complete tool to analyze everything related to your site


If you use these free tools effectively, you can easily rank a website on Google first page.

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