How to start a Blog 2020: Make money online- step by step guide

Are you looking to start a blog in 2020 and that too free or Are you new in Blogging and want to kick your carrier in Blogging?

Well, After reading this article, I assure you that you don’t need to look back. The article covers all the basic details and prerequisites to start a blog.

Lets start!!

Starting a successful blog in 2020 needs some research and smart-strategies. If you just start writing a particular topic of your choice, it will not work and sub subsequently you will lose interest in blogging.

These tricks used to work back in 2010-11 when Google didn’t have enough contents, but gradually people start writing value added and relevant contents that enrich the search engine contents.

Starting a blog in 2020 needs some research to find out the right-niche or category because there are billions of blogs on the web. If you start writing on any niche as per choice, then you actually waste your time writing in the wrong category.

Because almost all the prime categories have high competition. Hence, there will be no chance to rank your website on top of the Google search results.

In our daily lives, each and every individual spent around 4 to 5 hours on the internet each day. Most of us search for something to gather information for education, entertainment, sports, etc.

People try to get an easier answer from search engines like Google or Yahoo. People don’t like the information which contains unnecessary information. Hence, everyone reads the information or contents which is simple and easy to understand.

Search Engine like Google or Yahoo shows the most relevant answer to the user. Hence, Each blogger should always keep it in mind that the contents that you are writing for your blog must be simple and straightforward. The blog that contains the most relevant answer, the search engines rank it first and show the results.

Now I will go to the main points of how can you start a blog actually?

There are two platforms available now on internet. One is WordPress and another is Blogger.

If you are looking to start without investing a single rupee, then start with Blogger. Read, How can you start blogging with Blogger.

And if you want to start blogging professionally, then I recommend you to go with WordPress. WordPress is a powerful CMS that gives every possible option to customize a blog. Also, On the web, almost 70% of the websites are made on the WordPress platform.

In this article I will tell how can you start a blog using WordPress platform.

Before starting anything, make sure that you have a domain in your blog name and a hosting plan. If you don’t know what is Domain and Hosting, then just remember Domain name is the name that people find you on internet.

For example: When you search Facebook on google, you write, so this is the domain name of Facebook, similarly, you can buy one domain name from any of the reputed domain provider companies.

Hosting is an internet service that allows you to put your all data on its server so that people all over the world can access it. You can buy a hosting plan which will allow you to put your website data on its server.

Steps to purchase a Domain and Hosting plan for a blog

To buy a domain name, you have to go to any domain/hosting providing site. I usually buy from Godaddy. You can also follow these steps to buy a domain name from GoDaddy.

  • First, go to the official website of Godaddy, and click on the signup option. After signing up, go to the home page and search your blog name is available or not on the search box shown below.
how to buy domain name from godaddy
  • If it is available, click on add to cart and go to the cart.
how to purchase domain name from godaddy
  • Now fill all the necessary details such as address and contact details and finally complete the payment.

After buying a domain name, now purchase hosting for your domain. There are so many sites that provide hosting services.  I preferably use Godaddy hosting server. You can also buy from Bluehost or Bigrock.  Hosting of your site means you are putting your information or webpages to the server so that people can see it.

Similarly, To buy Godaddy hosting, go to the official website of Godaddy and click on hosting, after that you will be re-directed to a page that contains all the information related to your plan. Add this into your cart and follow the same process as the domain purchased.

You can directly save You can save upto 51% with SiteGround Hosting. Use this discounted link to get the best deal.

How to install WordPress on your site

After purchasing domain and hosting, now go to the Godaddy hosting panel and click on the admin panel, now a dashboard will pop up which contains various CMS. Click on WordPress and install it on your site.

As soon as you intsall it, WordPress has its own admin panel. You can create user name and password for WordPress Admin panel. It will help to access wordpress dashboard without accessing Go Daddy account.

That’s it, Your blog is ready now. You can go to the dashboard and start writing post.

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Keywords in Blogging: How to research SEO friendly keyword

Keywords play an important role in SEO, a right keyword can change the fortune of a blogger, and it’s not a myth. There are so many successful bloggers who started writing on a single keyword, and now they are earning in six digits.

So, here I will tell you the keyword in SEO.

What is Keywords in SEO

Keywords are the phrases or words that you enter on search engines such as Google to find information. For example Web Design, Digital Marketing

These are called keywords, Bais on the length of phrase or words, keywords are divided into few categories:

  • Short-tale keywords
  • Long-tale keywords
  • LSI(Latent Semantic Index) keywords

I personally use Uber Suggest By Neil Patel to research keywords since it is a low-cost premium tool. The tool gives a complete analysis of the search volume of any keyword, CPC(Cost Per Click), Paid difficulty, and SEO Difficulty.

You can also use SEMrush, which is a premium tool. The tool gives you more accurate data and analysis compare to any free tool

Academy Course: Competitor Analysis with SEMrush

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It also gives a relative analysis of competitors ranked keyword and top-ranked pages. There are a lot of tools like SEOquake, small SEO Tools, Mozbar which give the free analysis of On-Page data.

According to the latest algorithm of Google, S.E.O depends upon more than 200 factors, so one cannot focus on 200 factors at a time. Hence to realize these factors once need to follow a few guidelines given by google.

Days have gone when people completely rely upon SEO organically, due to the rise in competition people start searching an alternate way to rank the website. Because SEO is a very slow process, it gives the result no doubt but it takes time.

How to choose a profitable niche for blogging in 2020

Choosing the right micro-niche will help you to gain the results if you want to start blogging in 2020. Micro niche blogging is something in which the search engine starts preferring more compare to another mega-blog.

There are many reasons why search engines like Google, Yahoo prefers micro-niche more than multi-niche blogging site.

As a blogger, I will share a few interesting facts about why the micro-niche blog is preferred more than a multi-dimensional niche.

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What is the Micro-niche Website in Blogging?

A micro niche is a specific sub-category of any segment which describes things more precisely and accurately. For example, you are a music lover and you just love playing with a guitar. But, as a music lover, you have well enough knowledge about the music industry.

Now, if you start blogging in the Music category, it includes many subcategories like the best instrument for singing, harmonium, drum, music keyboard, and many more. Being single, it will be difficult for someone to describe each of these precisely

In the last few years, because of the latest google search engine update, it becomes more difficult to rank less informative things. The latest Google update always gives the best results out of millions of search results.

So, if you stick to one single sub-niche, it will be much easier to describe every single point of any topic. As a result, it will rank faster compare to other sites.

For example, you start writing about guitars like Top guitars in 2019, Best guitars under 10,000, how to play guitar, etc. When someone describes so elaborately, google starts trusting this site which ultimately helps to generate revenue.

Another reason is that when you write something with data and explantation, you start gaining credibility. people start believing your content which ultimately helps affiliate marketing.

When you have enough credibility and trust on your site, people start purchasing things from your site which you use or ask people to purchase. Nowadays, you don’t need coding knowledge to start a blog.


The article covers all the information from purchasing domain & Hosting to WordPress installation on the server, from creating Micro niche website to keyword research. I hope, this article will help you to start your career in blogging.

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