10+ Most Profitable Online Businesses in 2020 that you can start right now

Do you want to start an income source without affecting your office hours? If so, then this article is for you. After having a lot of research online, I decided to write a comprehensive article on making money online step by step. In this article, I will tell you the most profitable online businesses that you can start right away.

Due to the technological revolution in the last decades or so, every business has shifted to the online platform. Hence earning from digital platforms becomes easier. People are earning millions of dollars on digital platforms. Today, we will discuss the Top 10 profitable online businesses in 2020.

1. Graphics Designing:

Graphics Design is one of the most rewarded and profitable jobs in the Technology industry as well as the Entertainment industry, All famous companies like Google and Facebook hires Graphics Designer every year with a heavy package. The motive of giving a high package is that a graphics designer basically depicts the company image through his creativity.

Hence, sometimes graphics designers get more packages than software developers even.

Forget about these large companies, if you have creativity and knowledge in Graphics designing, you can earn a lot of money from home by becoming a Freelancer.

A freelancer is someone who doesn’t work under anybody or committed to working for long-term, but self-employed. If you want to become a freelancer, then there are many websites where you can join and earn money. Some of the websites are freelancers, Upwork, etc.

2. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is a way of marketing and selling the products of a company through a link. Due to the increase in popularity of eCommerce shopping, it becomes an easy way to earn money online.

Affiliate Marketing will be one of the most profitable online business in the coming day. All companies want to sell their product and want to promote their product to the target customer and in between if you can create a bridge between the company and the customer, the company rewards you.

The company gives a commission against each sell that you made through sharing the affiliate links. The rate of commission ranges between 4% to 12%.  It’s one of the most Profitable Business ideas that you can follow.

3. Blogging:

Blogging is something where you can utilize your written skills. If you have knowledge of any topic or anything, you can start blogging from today. You can choose the topic from Google trends which people frequently search.

Though competition in blogging is high, however, if you are passionate about blogging and use some legal tricks to index your website on Google’s first page, Within a few months you will see the changes.

All the high paid bloggers suggest that gives some time to blog, you can’t expect anything in 1 or 2 weeks because Google takes some time to identify your website.

You can make your blogging website either in google blogger or in WordPress. After 3 or 4 months while visitors start coming to your website, you can give Ad. using Google Adsense. It is also a good source of earning in Online.

4. YouTube Video Making

You can also earn money on YouTube. If you have knowledge on any topic whether it is in education or entertain or anything, Start making videos, If people love your creativity or videos, they will subscribe to your channel. As a result, Youtube will give money against each videos depending on views.

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5. Social Media Marketing

In the last decade or so the world has shown a paradigm shift from analog to digital. More and more people are consuming all kinds of information online hence making social media marketing the best way to reach out to your targeted customers.

In today’s world, most of us use digital devices. Hence we lost interest in manual marketing. Businesses or companies want to promote their product through social media because it is easier for them to reach to the customer.

Hence you can start this business in your locality, visit the local companies and offer your services, initially they might ignore because you are a new service provider but once they get benefited, they will take your services.

6. Online Consultant:

Online Consulting covers a huge area. According to the Oxford dictionary, Online Consultant means “A person who provides expert advice professionally.” If you have knowledge in a certain field and gained. Some experience previously, then start Online consulting.

People now days are shifted to online consulting from manual consulting as it is less expensive and more effective. Due to updating of technology every day.

A consultant needs to upgrade the information from time to time. Be a doctor or a Career expert or Business Development specialist, You need to work upon your field to become a successful consultant.

7. Sell Product online:

If You have interests in business, start selling Online.  If you are a manufacturer, it will give you a high profit or you can sell products from any nearby wholesale shop. Also, you can make an eCommerce website for your business or you can sell to other eCommerce websites as a seller.

8. Online Teaching

If you have experience in teaching or want to be a teacher, then join different online tutoring platform and start your earning from home. There are so many startups in India that provide online classes to the whole students’ community.

Some of the websites are Byju’s, Vedantu and Extramarks education. Join this company either on a full-time basis or contract basis. It will give you a passive income.

9. Become a Freelancer:

Don’t want to work under anybody ?? Join Freelancer or Upwork. Thousands of projects are there for you, start bidding, if you can get at least one project it will help you to get another project of the same type.

If you are a graphics designer or web designer or Software developer, there are so many projects available for you. Join today.

10. Online E-book seller

Due to the increase in mobile phone users, people now days prefer to read on their cell phones or tablet only. It is because of easy access and free of cost. So, if you have knowledge about anything, start selling an e-book on Amazon or on any website

. E-book making is not a difficult task, for this, you need to type in MS word and put some images wherever required. Then Register in Instamojo to sell your book.


The above 10 online business has a lot of demand. I personally do some of these and earning a lot. If you want to start any of the above, you can start today. I can help you to grow your business with digital marketing and website.

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