SEMrush Review & Tutorial 2021: Ultimate Guide to increase website traffic

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SEMrush is one of the widely used SEO tool that can help you to do Keyword research, site audit, backlinks check, competitor analysis, market analysis and many more

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SEMrush is one of the most popular tools available on the market for researching keywords and competitor’s analysis. Today, this article on SEMrush Review & Tutorial will guide you on how to use SEMrush for your site analysis and beat competitors.

Blogging becomes tougher nowadays. It takes lot of time to rank a site on top of the search results because of the huge competition and Google’s frequently updating of algorithms.

If you are working in the Blogging field, then probably you are aware of the fact that most people give up blogging after 5/6 months of starting. You know, Why??

The reason is new bloggers don’t have enough ideas to optimize the website. To create powerful contents that can beat competitors, you need thorough & reliable data of your competitors.

But, wait! how that’s possible? Who can give you such information for free?

Well, in life everything we get in return for something, right? SEMrush will play this role here.

Of course, it is a premium tool but in return, it gives much more than what it is taking away from you. Here, we will use SEMrush for keyword research and analyzing our competitors.

At the end of the article, you will be learning keyword research, competition analysis, overall site audit, SEO check.

SEMrush Review
Last updated: November 14, 2020
Product rating: 4.8 / 5.0
SEMrush is a one-step management tool for all marketing tasks such as content marketing, SEO, keyword research, market analysis, tracking.

The SEO tool that we will use is none other than SEMrush. You can get a 7-day free trial on your first sign up. You can check the performance of the SEMrush SEO tool completely free.

So, let’s dive into the main topic

SEMrush Exclusive features

  • Complete Site Audit
  • Position Tracking of keywords
  • Organic Traffic Insights
  • On-page SEO Check
  • Backlink Auditing
  • Link Building features
  • PPC Keyword Support tool
  • Ad Building features
  • Social Media Tracker
  • Social Media Poster
  • Brand monitoring

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Outstanding Features of SEMrush

A review on SEMrush is incomplete without the mention of its extraordinary feature of Keyword Search. In other words, it can be said that SEMrush is popular in the world business market primarily because of this feature.

1) Keyword Overview

The dashboard for keyword research gives a detailed report for any keyword or metrics like SERP features, SERP results, volume trends, etc.

2) Keyword Magic Tool

This is the other most important keyword research tool. Using the tool, one simply needs to find keywords as per the requirement. One simply needs to type a keyword in the search bar and search it, and it will give a list of keywords matching that keyword or topic.

3) Position Tracking tool

Once the keywords are sorted, they are added to the position tracking tool. One can get regular and weekly updates on how the business competitors are ranking for those keywords. It also shows how all the various SERP featuring the keyword is being triggered and who has those SERP Features.

4) Keyword Clustering

To search for any keywords, one needs to simply look at the list of related keywords, and this process is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization. The tool also provides key metrics like difficulty score and volume for each keyword. It also helps users to compare different keywords based on the metrics. Last but not least, the Keyword Manager tool helps in creating custom keyword lists.

5) Complete Site Audit

SEMrush provides complete site audit features that contain monthly visitors, the number of backlinks, total ranked keywords, top-ranking keyword, competitors, site error, and many more.

6) Best advertising tool

SEMrush SEO tools also contain advertising features. It contains 11 different tools for doing your advertising research.

7) SEMrush Backlink Building

This is one of the cool features provided by SEMrush. Since backlink is the major factor in the search engine ranking, hence creating high-quality backlinks with a low spam score is very important for any site. SEMrush allows you to build high-quality backlinks for your website.

8) Social Media Strategy

9) Competitors Analysis and Market Insights

10) Content Research

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How to Use SEMrush

SEMrush is a powerful SEO tool and contains many features. Hence, for beginners, it becomes difficult to understand every feature. Today, In this article, I will guide you step by step on how to use SEMrush for keyword research and website analysis.

So, let’s start!!

Step1: The first step is to Sign up for SEMrush by clicking this link.

Step2: When you click on this link, you will be on the home page of the website. On the home page of the website, go to the top-right section and click on the sign-up option.

Semrush Free Trials

Step3: Now, Enter details such as email id and password and click on Create your SEMrush account.

Semrush Free trials

Step4: When you click on the green button, a confirmation email will be sent to your registered email id. Go to your email inbox and confirm the mail.

Semrush Free trials Email confirmation

Step5: When you confirm your mail id, you will be re-directed to the SEMrush Dashboard. Like every other web application, SEMrush has its own dashboard. You can control, manage, and delete your project.

Step6: To start with the SEMrush dashboard, create a project with your domain name. For example, my domain name is Hence, my project will be saved in the name of You can add multiple domain names by clicking on “Add new project”.

Semrush Free trials Project Add

Step7: As soon as you click on create a project with your domain name, SEMrush will redirect to its domain Insights like domain traffic, domain rating, keywords etc.

This page contains overall insights of every section. To check the insights in detail, go to the left section of the menu and click on the individual options. You will get complete data.

If you haven’t enrolled for the SEMrush Free 7 day trial“, you won’t be able to see the whole report. To check the full analytics, you have to enroll for a free trial.

That’s it, Your project is ready now. SEMrush will send the audit report to your email periodically. You can choose it from the setting section.

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Best Tools For SEO Keyword Research (Comparison Between Ahrefs And Semrush)

As you know that both Ahref and SEMrush can be used for keyword research in SEO. Keyword research is the basic requirement for a blog. Hence, it is very important to understand the tools before researching keywords.

Let us start with Ahref.

Ahref is a one of the widely used tool for keyword research. It has two tools for keyword research. One is Keyword Explorer and the second one is Organic kewords.

Keyword Explorer tools provides data such as search volume, difficulty, search traffic etc. These data are the prime factor to rank a keyword.

The ultimate features of keyword explorer is that it provides hundreds of suggestion for a single keyword.

That means, when you type a keyword, it gives similar queries that are also being searched on search engines.

Organic Research option is used to reverse competitor’s website.

Now, let us see What SEMrush Provides us

SEMrush gives more data about your competitors. It gives multi-dimensional features to analyze your site.

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Pros and Cons of SEMrush

Like every other keyword research tool, SEMrush also comes with its own sets of advantages and disadvantages. So, we have properly curated this section, offering a clearer insight into SEMrush.

Pros of SEMrush

  • Brand monitoring feature is a primary feature of SEMrush.
  • It has a wide variety of keyword databases in the world.
  • Competitive organic research is what any website ranks for. They bid on keywords in PPC, what advertisements they are showing displaying, etc.
  • They have great technology to find out a website automatically, track links that it contains, and measure their traffic volume, toxic levels, etc.
  • Their tools help support the content strategy that enhances SEO.
  • For organic SEO, it is very important to find out a high-potential keyword phrase.
  • Setting up projects, reporting to clients, receive notifications, and more are the basic features of SEMrush.
  • Their SEO tool helps in boosting up the web-traffic, which is one of the important functions of this application.
  • Technical issues are given the utmost priority, which makes it very easy to know where to start optimizing a site.
  • It has the ability to find out every tiny detail of a website, which is undoubtedly a very good feature. Besides this, the SEMrush breaks down problems into Errors, Warnings, and Notices.

Hidden Perks or Cons of SEMrush

  • Many times, SEMrush uses its own jargon without explaining its meaning completely.
  • The interface is not very user-friendly and might seem to be a bit difficult to navigate.
  • Graphical representations of the reports should be customizable.
  • the large variety of feat
  • Historical trends for keywords or domains seem off, which becomes a difficult job.
  • Tools used by SEMrush should be explained properly, and it’s a bit difficult to remember each of its usages.
  • They have poor support, which should be taken care of properly. If the customer is promised a callback, it should be done within the stipulated timeframe. Else it would lead to a dissatisfied customer.
  • Pricing of the light and infrequent users is too high. If the price were reduced, it would help them get more customers.
  • The product has many features, but it is not always clear exactly what is required and what not. Thus, creating confusion among its users.

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How To Get SEMrush Pro Free Trial For 7 Days

This is indeed a good news for all the viewers of Tech Bartha that SEMrush in association with Tech Bartha is going to provide a SEMrush Pro Free trial for 7 days. You can join simply clicking this link.

In 7 days of joining, you can use all the pro features of SEMrush and take the benefits as much as you can.

Now, let us see how can you join SEMrush Pro account free for 7 days step by step:

Step1: First visit the official website of the SEMrush and click on start free trial.

Step2: Now put your personal details such as name and email ID and click on Create Your SEMrush Account.

Step3: In next page, you will see the latest plan available. Currently SEMrush has four pro plan available such as PRO and GURU, Business and Enterprise. Choose any plan and click on Get free trial.

Step4: When you click on get free trail, you will be re-directed to billing page that asks Card number and CVV. Enter your Card details and click on Placed the Order.

As soon as you places your order, your free trial for SEMrush will start immeditaley. After 7 days of free trial, SEMrush will automatically stop the free trial. If you want to continue with SEMrush, then you continue by paying the premium plan.

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SEMrush: Your One-Stop Content Marketing Solution [SEMrush Review]

A business needs to market its products, contents, and services for growth in the future. SEMrush is one such platform, and it can be considered as a leading platform for online marketing and tally its position with respect to its competitors in the world market.

Whenever a business is started, a team is formed who sits and makes a plan or strategy for achieving a target in the future. SEMrush started its venture almost 12years ago and is primarily a Software as a Service (SaaS) tool for content marketing that helps various businesses and companies make some good and useful content in order to keep their users engaged throughout the world.

SEMrush was not such a large company from day one; it started as a small start-up company and now grew up to a large international company that serves many other companies in the global market and is growing every day by helping ineffective marketing strategies.

The data collected by SEMrush enables growth opportunities that help in tracking them regularly with an error-free result. SEMrush is considered as one of the best digital marketing and campaigning application that helps in operating a business. To survive in the global business industry, every business has to acquire a particular set of marketing strategy or else they would perish in the end.

Strategy means long-term planning as to how the business is going to run and how it is going to manage all the obstructions coming in its way from its competitors. This tool helps in effectively understand the market and its competitors.

The Bottom Line

Thus, it can be said that SEMrush is very useful, which provides abundant information for anyone who wants to optimize their website, find out the most profitable keywords to target, and get timely information about its competitors. This is a tool that provides abundant features for completely free which is not available in any other premium tool.

SEMrush has been used widely in SEO and Content Marketing world, that is why sometime it is called as “One in One SEO Tool”. The tool has a outstanding algorithm that spy very quickly competitors website and give the insights.

If you are reading this line, that means you have gone through the whole article. I’m sure you got an overall idea about SEMrush and hopefully you liked it.

From the SEMrush review, we can conclude that it is the best SEO keywords tool available on the market currently.

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