What is Digital Marketing About A step by step guide

Digital Marketing is an online marketing technique to promote any service or products on online platforms like Google, Facebook, or any digital platform.  Since there are almost 4 billion internet users worldwide, hence marketing or promoting any products through online platforms becomes easier.  Digital Marketing is cost-effective compared to manual offline marketing.

Nowadays, every successful business promotes its services or products using digital platform like Facebook, Youtube, and Google.

For example: while we browse something on Facebook, we often come across a sponsored Add after two or three consecutive posts or while we open any video on Youtube, we find there is an Add which we must see for few second otherwise we can’t see the video.

These add are sponsored by companies who want to promote their products or services. In return, Facebook or YouTube charges money which added is one of the main sources of their revenue,

How Digital Marketing has changed Typical Marketing:

If you want to grow your business online, you must shift your marketing into digital marketing as it has more power to bring the target audience into your business.

For Example, We often see the add on Facebook which we earlier interacted with or while we add something on our cart in an e-commerce site, after few minutes we can see that related products are showing on our Facebook feed. That way, e-commerce companies target their customer using Digital Marketing.

Types of Digital Marketing:

  1.  Search Engine Optimisation(S.E.O)
  2.  Search Engine Marketing(S.E.M)
  3. Social Media Marketing(S.M.M)
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Pay per click(PPC)
  6. Content Marketing
  7. Affiliate Marketing
  8. Inbound Marketing
  9. Sponsored Content Marketing

Now we will discuss the types of Digital Marketing in details one by one

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Search Engine Optimisation(S.E.O):

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is an Online Marketing Technique that allows you to rank a  website to the first page of Search engines like Google or Yahoo. It is one of the most important factors in ranking any website. 

Today I am going to share some important facts about S.E.O or search engine optimization. I have been implementing S.E.O for more than one year and I got some amazing results. If you want to get similar results, you need to have some patience. Give some time to your article, have some quality content and updating content to Google search console will help you to get the results within 6/8 months.

People generally follow some unauthentic way to rank their article, but Google’s algorithm is smart enough to catch this. If Google detects you, it will backlist that particular website and you will never get a chance to rank it. Hence, safer option is give some time to your blog or website, try to fix the problems that your website have.

Choose keyword rich domain name, have SSL certificate, fix meta tags, meta keywords and meta description. These things will allow you to rank it organically without paying or following unauthorized ways. Once you get rank organically, it remains for long long time.

Google has some algorithms like panda and panguin which detects the issues on search engines. over the time search engines like Google or Bing keeps on changing the algorithm. Hence it is very importantto keep updating as the algorithm changes.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is another way of online marketing technique to grow business online through paid channels like Google or Bing. In search Engine marketing, basically websites are promoted through paid advertising. For example: while we search something on Google, it gives some searches to the top of search results writtend as ad.

Search Engine Marketing is bit costly but it gives some genuine results. If you have good budget, then you can go for this. Nowdays businesses follow this online technique to drive traffic to their website which gives some potential leads.
For example: You are running a Real Esate business to your city, people nearby areas search on google like “1BHK Flat in Delhi” or “2BHK flat in kolkata”, So if you want to get these datas then go for Search Engine marketing technique.

Social Media Marketing:

Social Media is a way marketing of products or services through different social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and twitter. Since 2016 jio revolution in india, more than 50 millions internet users uses social media each day in India, hence it is easier to advertise or promote businesses though these platforms.
Social Media becomes a source of instant information nowadays, as a result, people are more connected with social media compared to other media.  This gives the advantage to promote any product to the mass media.  

Have you ever imagine that you can promote your business from your own cell phone and people all over the world can reach out to you within minutes, days have gone when people had to wait long hours in front of electronics media to watch their ads.

Social Media is cost-effective compared to S.E.M(Search Engine marketing) or any other platform. On Social Media you can rightly target your audience basis on their interest and age groups.

Email Marketing:

Email marketing

Email Marketing is one of the efficient way of digital marketing. In email marketing basically the owner have the database of the clients which contains their email ids. So, whenever you create something or launch something, its better to alert the clients through a mail.

Pay Per Click(P.P.C):

Pay Per Click is an online marketing technique in which the advertiser or company pays money to the publisher when the user clicks on the add.

Apart from these techniques, Google nowadays allows various tools like Google business app which allows listing your business on Google. The application allows controlling various information like customers review, customers messages online. It is also called as Local SEO, Local SEO basically helps the users to find the most relevant results on depending on the customer’s review and reputation of the business. You can freely take this advantage to grow your business.

Also, Google has some specific tools like Keyword Planner, Google Webmaster tool and Google Analytics.  It allows analyzing the business data and customers interests. Suppose, you want to know how many searches on google for a specific keyword, then you can use Google Keyword Planner tool. It helps in finding the right keyword for any businesses.

Now We will see how can we learn Digital Marketing to implement in our business. Digital Marketing can be learned by any individual who has a basic idea of the internet. Any student, business owner or emerging entrepreneur can start learning Digital Marketing.

There are so many online portals from where you can learn digital marketing for free. Google also provide free digital marketing course with certificate. It’s about 40hrs long video course available on Google Digital Garage .

You can enroll and learn it. The certificate from Google will help the job seeker to grab the job easily.

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